User-oriented, intuitive BI solution optimized for creating complex structured reports

i-MATRIX is a knowledge information BI solution that enables users to create their own valuable knowledge of data, such as ERP, DW, CRM, and SCM within an enterpriser that can utilize for accurate decision making. Using i-MATRIX which is a company-wide integrated BI solution, business users can access database, easily and conveniently extract and process the required data in the form they want, perform various analyses, and share it with other users.

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i-MATRIX is 100% compatible with Excel, making it easy to systemize existing Excel reports and analysis & share on the web. It provides functions such as List, OLAP, Entry Report (CRUD), structured and unstructured analysis, and real-time data analysis. With the introduction of i-MATRIX, companies can conduct comprehensive analysis, make quick decisions, and establish strategic management systems.



  • Data can be viewed with just a mouse click without query
  • various events required for reports setting available without coding (UI)
  • Minimizes working hours by producing reports based on standard templates


  • Fast report inquiry by applying a memory stream method and asynchronous execution method that runs multiple queries simultaneously.
  • Automatic conversion of unstructured reports to structured reports with just click.
  • Add a big data analytics engine (i-BIG) to quickly analyze big data.


  • Improving report production/analysis/report processes
  • Integrated solution for producing and analyzing various types of reports
  • Systemize existing Excel reports ‘As-Is’
  • Connect multiple data sources to a single report
  • CRUD (input, modify, delete) and simulation
  • Powerful security and authority management

And more

  • Use all functions of Excel
  • OLAP Functions (Pivoting, Drilling, Sorting, Filtering)
  • Export BI report to Excel for diverse operations
  • Various types of analysis tables can be prepared on a single report (Structured table, OLAP, List, Chart, etc.)

System Application Aspect

  • Broad BI area can be established
  • High development productivity and easy maintenance
  • Create structured reports and implement unstructured analysis on the same platform
  • Reduce economic costs relative to construction capabilities

System Operations Aspect

  • Simple report development reduces work load of IT manager.
  • Organize data management, reporting and sharing processes
  • Manage user rights and manage security
  • DB server load is minimized due to ‘JOB Scheduling’ Function

Information User Aspect

Applied Reports
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GS(Good Sofrware) Grade1.



New SW Product Award

awarded by the Minister of Knowledge Economy

Korea SW Award

President award

Korea SCM Award

Grand prize in Solution