Integrated data analytics solution that support the full steps from preprocessing to analyzing

i-STREAM is integrated data analytics solution that supports the full steps from extracting to visualizing the data.
It implements various features integrally such as data analytics, data mining or statistics (R) from heterogeneous source. Also, It provides user-centered UI for data scientists to handle fast the comprehensive requirements.

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i-STREAM is data analytics solution for data scientist who make decision based on data. You can handle faster the data extraction, analytics, algorithm adoption, result save with intuitive UI.
Use algorithm of AI and statistics including ANN (Artificial Neural Network), DNN (Deep Neural Network) and CNN (Convolution Neural Network). i-STREAM is used for forecasting in various industries.

Data Extraction

i-STREAM Introduction Video


※ If the video does not play, please try to play it in the Chrome browser or ask mktg@bimatrix.co.kr for inquiries.


Use many features such as integrating heterogeneous source, analyzing data, data mining and statistics, etc. in i-STREAM

Multiple Data Source
Access / Integration

  • Powerful input/output feature which is able to handle the heterogeneous data
  • Integrate the heterogeneous data

Big Data Analytics

  • Big data mining based on In-memory
  • Fasten the process of statistics with Cache
  • Excellent performance of big data Analytics with multi processing

Statistical & Predictive

  • Basic statistic and univariate / multivariate analysis methodology
  • Methodology of technology·inference·forecast
  • Expand the client’s algorithm

Data Preprocessing

  • Flexible environment of handling data
  • Shorten the process with data preprocessing

Machine Learning / AI

  • Support updated Python or R scripting
  • Analytics connected with the package of Python (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn and tensorFlow, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Visualization / Capabilities with BI

  • Visualization node makes users see the results visually
  • Connect the analytics result with OLAP or Dashboard
  • Supporting tool that makes entire process (from extracting the data to visualizing the result) easier and faster
  • Wide target due to easy direction even for layman
    (Easy solution for not only data scientists but also citizen data scientists)
  • Intuitive workflow of big data analytics model for data scientists
  • Modularize the various algorithm for easy analytics with only dragging
  • Easily apply various algorithms and see the visual results
  • Excellent scalability (both TensorFlow, R algorithms and customer-specific algorithms can be applied)
i-STREAM Application
  • Contribute for your business to decision-making and countermeasure-buildup with scientific basis rather than intuition basis
  • i-STREAM is applied to all industries for big data analytics including buildup the battle model, countermeasure of fine dust/epidemics and reduce the default rates

GS(Good Software) 1st Grade Certification


Ministry of Science and ICT’s Award

in Innovative SW Prize

Prime minister’s Award

in Korea SW Grand Prize


IR 52 Jang young-shil Award