User centered, intuitive BI solution optimized for creating complex and structured report

i-MATRIX is Enterprise-wide BI Solution to make business analytics simplify for anyone. It helps business user process their own valuable information from complex data such as ERP, DW, CRM or SCM to be able to make strategic decisions. From now on, do easily extract the data directly from the database, process it into a desired format, analyze it and share it with other departments without the help of developer.

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Optimized BI Solution for making business insights, quick decisions and strategic management system

i-Matrix is 100% compatible with Excel, allowing you to easily standardize existing Excel reports and analyze and share them on the web. We introduce i-Matrix with various functions such as List, OLAP, Input Report (CRUD), Structured / Unstructured Report Analytics, and Real Time Data Analytics.

i-MATRIX Video

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  • One click data track without inputting query
  • Setting various events (UI) for your reports without coding
  • Reduce working hours by making reports based on standardized templates



  • Track the reports quickly with memory stream and asynchronous execution
  • Shift from unstructured report to structured with only one click
  • Analyze big data quickly with adopting i-BIG (Big data Analytics Engine)



  • Upgrade the process of creating, analyzing and sharing the reports
  • Integrated solution for a variety types of reports and data analytics
  • Systemize the way of creating Excel reports manually
  • Connect multiple data source to a single report
  • Data CRUD (Input, Modify, Delete) and simulation
  • Powerful security and authority management

And more

  • Available for all the features of Excel
  • OLAP (Pivoting, Drilling, Sorting, Filtering)
  • Apply to many works by exporting Excel from BI reports
  • Create a lot of types of table in one page report (Structured table, OLAP, List and Chart, etc.)



Application of System

  • Buildup the wide coverage of BI
  • High productivity and easy maintenance
  • Buildup both structured report and unstructured analytics in a single platform
  • More reasonable price than SI

Operation of System

  • Reduce workload in IT departments
  • Systemize the process of management, report and share the data
  • Powerful security and authority management
  • Minimize DB server overload with JOB scheduling

Information User

Applied Reports
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GS(Good Sofrware) Grade1.



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