BI solution optimized for easy and fast developing and creating beautiful EIS / Dashboard

i-AUD is BI solution optimized for creating beautiful analytics reports. It is powerful report-making tool which is enable to create · edit · share the report by connecting DB and web.
i-AUD can make many types of reports (intuitive, relevant and detailed reports, etc.) integrally for comprehensive analytics of various status.
Create your own beautiful reports with web component and image in i-AUD.

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i-AUD(Advanced UI Designer) is BI solution that allows you to create and share the data analytics reports such as OLAP, structured report, interactive chart, dashboard and statistical report, etc.
Business user can access the data they need, and create the various type of reports by themselves using components i-AUD provides.

Look & Feels for your intuitive analytics

  • Components like image, button and chart for making beautiful reports
  • Visualized chart like D3 for your intuitive analytics
  • Dynamic chart for checking real-time data

Create the various types of analytics reports on purposes

  • Liberal setting of report layout and design
  • Liberal display information (List, Pivot grid, Chart and Graph, etc.)
  • Interactive dashboard with tap or pop up, etc.

Advanced Analytics

  • Information with detailed and relevant analytics for decision-making
  • Interactive reports with multi-dimensional analytics
  • Analytics environment based on scenario to analyze all the risks or issues in three dimensional


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Decision Supporter

Buildup EIS & Dashboard system effectively with real-time interactive chart, report connected with the map and status board etc.

Visual Analytics

Provide beautiful Look & Feel with 3D chart/image, gauge and flash type of chart, etc.


Pure Web UI

Share and create the reports on the web

to reduce the restriction in user’s PC.

Data Analysis

Powerful analytics features
OALP (Pivot, Drill up/down, Drill through, Filtering and Sorting, etc.), Multikey search, Time series

Powerful Management

Manage the reports (Look up, edit, delete, etc.)

by authority connected with SSD
Powerful authority management by class

High usablility

You can even extract data and look up the heterogeneous database

without knowledge of DB structure.

Create report easily with components.

Creating report tool optimized for KPI analytics, EIS buildup

Create the intuitive and beautiful report adding various components to it with just few clicks

  • Intuitive and beautiful report
    – Make your profound report beautifully
    – Make the compound report with freely displaying various components and data grid
  • Interactive analytics
    – Charts and graphs reflect the changes of data in real time as it is linked with data table

Example of dashboard (Business Status)

Scenario-based Reports to find business insight
Set up the analytics environment which is based on scenario for you to analyze the risks and issues of your business in many respects
  • Various types of reports on purposes
    – Analytics from Main to detailed indices such as financial statement, plan, performance or Forecast, etc.
    – Create the scenario-based reports by every steps “Comprehend the status by index -> Detailed analytics of specific index -> track and handle the issue”
  • Advanced Analytics
    – Provide information for decision-making in dashboard with relevant and detailed analytics (Chart, Grid and Map, etc.)

Example of Profit and loss report using the simulation

  • Provide easy and intuitive UI tool, which is user-centered
  • Anyone can extract the data they need with just few clicks (Select SQL automatic production)
  • Set up the many motions of reports automatically with just few clicks without coding or script
  • Fast analyzing the data using big data engine
  • Create fast and beautiful reports with given templates
  • Create complex CRUD report quickly with BI MATRIX’s AUD methodology
    * AUD (Automated UI Development) Methodology : Develop the front with only UI design
  • Provide No-Plugin environment and multiple browser with HTML5 standard
  • Powerful creating reports tool with the free form
  • Strong security and authority management to accord with customer’s security policy

System Components and Specifications

Application Area

Balance sheet / EVA analytics

CRM / Marketing Analytics

Cost / Loss / Settlement Analytics

Budget input / Acquisition /
Simulation / Analytics

Production / Manufacturing /
Quality Analytics

Executive Information System (EIS) / KPI Analytics

Application report

GS(Good Software) 1st grade

‘e-Government framework compatibility’