Big Data Analytics Engine for Corporate’s Massive Data

i-BIG is Big data Analytics Platform optimized for analyzing the large volume of corporate data.
It makes corporate enable to analyze big data effectively by integrating both BI/OLAP and Big data Analytics in a single platform.
i-BIG provides valuable analytics result about solving issues, streamlining business management, and forecasting new business.

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  • Architecture
  • Features
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i-BIG is analytics solution that makes massive data to be used meaningfully in your business.

Advance Analytics

Powerful analytics functions
in our proven BI solution

Resource Efficiency

Allocate resources effectively
by selecting options either server or client


Expanded analytics platform to be able to connect with DB sources such as Hadoop

Accelerate Insight

Superspeed data processing with our own Query processing methodology or Cache table (Patent)

High-Volume of Data

Processing the High-volume of data
with reasonable cost

Performance Optimization

Optimized environment for big data analytics to fit your business data or working environment

We support both column DB and In-memory DB in consideration of the customer’s data  environment

In Memory

– Improving the processing speed by storing/managing frequently used search results with optimized memory cache
– Managing Query by Memory Query Manager

High Performance Column DB

– Superspeed processing the complex Query about big data using Column DB
– Efficient I/O processing and excellent data extraction are available by vertical division

i-BIG Demo Video

※ If the video does not play, please try to play it in the Chrome browser or ask mktg@bimatrix.co.kr for inquiries.

It is big data analytics platform that combines powerful data analytics and report-making.
i-BIG makes it possible to process data faster in the low-cost and high-efficiency analytics environment through adopting both technology and methodology of its own big data process.

Big data analytics platform that integrated
with the best BI analytics tool

  • Powerful data analytics functions that integrated with the proven BI solution
  • Fast data processing by combining with technology of recent data analytics
  • friendly and intuitive UI
  • Easy reports-making even with the large-volume of data
  • Various formats of reports
    (Dashboard / Structured / Unstructured / OLAP / Statistics / KPI / etc..)
  • Self-Service Analysis
  • Forecast, Simulation BI
  • Mobile BI

Our own methodology
of big data processing

  • The proven methodology based on experience and know-how of BI over 20 years
  • Faster analytics result-making through the best technology of analytics
    and the efficient analytics methodology
  • Optimized high-volume data processing platform
    for each corporate’s task environment
  • Make the reports easier with high-volume data
  • Various formats of reports
    (Dashboard / Structured / Unstructured / OLAP / Statistics / KPI / etc..)
    (Structurize the data for differenciating the way of data storage management)


  • Big Data Indexing
  • Various data sources : ALL RDB DBMS, Heterogeneous DB connection
  • Expanded interconnect with other big data solutions
    : Hadoop, Hadoop Eco-system, R, Splunk, etc..
  • 100% compatible with Excel


  • User Management
  • Log Management
  • DB Connection Management
  • SQL Management
  • Report Management
  • Data encryption
  • SSO Interlink
  • DRM Interlink
Application case
Application case Detailed description
A Institution / Buildup the infrastructure of Big data related in climate and weather Merge and analyze the data that converged weather data analytics and big data of industries like agriculture, tourism and transport, And visualize its result.

Buildup the convergence trial service with visualized result that are available in web portal

H Homeshopping / Innovative Information System Improved search processing time to within 2 ~ 3 seconds by processing the search result of 3-400 millions data every day with Memory and Cache
P Steel Company / SCM Sales Monitoring System Fasten analytics of complex logic and Reduce of construction and operation costs by more than 70% by being introduced Column DB-based repository for comprehensive Analytics of data such as sales, production, inventory, payment and profit and Loss
L telecommunication company / BS Integrated Information System Buildup the Integrated information system for self-service by being introduced In-Memory repository.
And Implement the system that enable to use the extracted data at the right time from 5-6 millions of row data.
H Institution / Integrated Capital Area Settlement System Fasten the speed of searching the structured report within 10 seconds using i-BIG server as an 1st Cache DB engine
L company / Product Analytics Report System Extract and Analyze 1.6 million DB in 200 million DB of monthly sales status by subsidiary due to make sales plan by products using Cache DB of i-BIG
E Company / Innovative CRM System Fasten the speed of searching the reports by adopting Cache DB of structured reports
S Company / Fashion CRM Search milions data within 10 second



Application screen
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  • Because i-BIG is an additional analysis module for large-scale data processing, it must be used with BI Matrix’s BI Solution.
  • The above screen is an example of using i-BIG together with a visualization solution and a BI solution