Integrated data analysis solution that supports everything from pre-data processing to data analysis.

i-STREAM is an integrated data analytics solution that supports the entire process of data analysis from data extraction to visualization of analysis results. It performs a variety of functions, such as ETL for analysis, integrated analysis of heterogeneous data sources, data mining, statistics, and predictive analytics, and provides a user-centric, easy-to-use UI for data analysts to respond quickly to complex data processing needs.

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i-STREAM is a data analytics solution for data scientists who specialize in processing data to support decision making. Intuitive UI makes it easy and fast to perform tasks such as extracting data, applying algorithms, analyzing, and storing results.

On i-STREAM, a variety of artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms such as the artificial neural network (ANN), the Deep Neural Network (DNN), and the Synthetic CNN (CNN) are available. i-STREAM is currently being used for big data analytics forecasts across a wide range of industries.

Data Extraction

Data utilization, data analysis, data mining, and statistics from this type of source can be combined on i-STREAM.

Multiple Data Source Access / Integration

  • Providing powerful out put processing for easy processing of heterogeneous data
  • Integrated processing and utilization of heterogeneous data source

Big Data Analytics

  • Big data mining based on In-memory
  • Cache-processing Calculation Process
  • Multiprocessing delivers superior performance for big data analytics

Statistical & Predictive

  • Supply of Basic statistics and univariate / multivariate analytics techniques
  • Supply of Technical ∙ inference ∙ Predictive statistical techniques
  • The unique algorithms that clients have also expanded.

Data Preprocessing

  • Providing a flexible data processing environment
  • Processing complex data easily with pre-processing functions

Data Mining / AI

  • Supports latest Python and R scripting
  • Analysis linking to Python analysis package such as Pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, and sensor flow
  • Provision a wide range of AI algorithms

Visualization/ BI Link

  • Visualization node for immediate visualization of analysis results
  • Link analysis results to OLAP or Dashboard to enable report development
  • A tool that handles all analysis steps from data extraction to visualization of analysis results easily and quickly with UI based
  • Expand customer base with easy use by non-specialists(a solution that is available not only to the company’s data scientists but also to business users(Citizen Data Scientists.).
  • Intuitively deploys data scientist’s big data analysis model in Workflow
  • A variety of algorithms are modularized for immediate analysis with drag only
  • Easily apply different algorithms and visually verify results
  • Excellent scalability (both TensorFlow, R algorithm, and customer-specific algorithms)
i-STREAM Application
Benefits of Adoption
  • Contribute to the spread of decision trends based on scientific techniques, not intuition throughout society
  • Increase the strategic need for national and industrial aspects
    (Applied in big data analytics of many public institutions, including war fighting models, fine dust responses, infectious diseases and reduced delinquency rates)

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