A BI solution optimized for easy and fast development and beautiful ESS / Dashboard screen creation

i-CANVAS is a BI solution optimized for the creation of a compelling analysis report that enables Look & Feel to connect to  DB, create a report, edit  ∙ modify – distribute it. From intuitive report configurations to feature-rich analysis to detailed analysis, it is integrated in a single environment and uses dedicated web components and images to create colorful reports.

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i-CANVAS is a BI solution for creating and sharing a variety of data analysis reports, including OLAP, structured reports, dynamic charts, dashboards, and Stat reports. Users can access the data they need and easily create a wide variety of reports using the components provided by i-CANVAS.

Provides Look & Feel for intuitive analysis
  • Provides a variety of components including charts, buttons, and images to create a fancy report
  • Provides various forms of visualization charts, such as D3 for intuitive analysis
  • Real-time change in data by providing dynamic charts
Various types of reports composition for analysis purposes
  • Report layout and information presentation are free, enabling various types of screen configuration according to analysis purpose
  • Free placement of lists, pivot grids, charts, graphs, etc.
  • Deploy multiple content in a single dashboard with tabs and pop-up configurations
Deep analytics
  • Relational analysis and detailed analysis provide various information for decision making
  • Multi-dimensional analysis to provide interactive analysis
  • Provide a scenario-based analysis environment that can analyze various statuses and risks in a three-dimensional manner

Decision Supporter

Build effective EIS & Dashboard systems such as Dynamic charts that reflect real-time data, Map linkage report, pin board, etc.

Visual Analytics

Flash-type charts, gauges, 3D chart images, and more to provide fancy look & Feel


Pure Web UI

Create and share reports in your web environment without limits on your PC environment


Data Analysis

OLAP analysis (Pivot, Drill Up/Down, Drill Through, Filtering, Sorting and more) and Powerful analysis functions such as multiple query conditions and time series analysis

Powerful Management

View, modify and delete reports based on permissions granted to user accounts

Powerful rights management with SSDs, Manage Permissions by Hierarchy

High usablility

Enable users who do not know DB structure to extract data easily in conjunction with i-META

Integration check of heterogeneous databases

Create easy reports based on components

Optimal screen composition for KPI analysis and EIS implementation
Adds various components to the analysis screen with just mouse operation to form an intuitive screen with a superior ‘look & Feel’
  • A splendid & intuitive report
    – Supports deep reports and intuitive and colorful look & feel at the same time
    – Composites reports through Flexible placement of various components and data grids
  • Interactive analysis
    – charts and graphs react in real time to data selection or data variation in conjunction with data tables

Use example – Management status dashboard

Scenario-based reports for finding Business Insight
Provides a scenario-based analysis environment that enables a three-dimensional analysis of various statuses and risks
  • Various types of screen composition according to analysis purpose
    – Analysis can be performed on a user-defined basis from key indicators such as financial status/performance/planning/predicted information to details
    – Scenario-based screen composition according to “Identify indicator-driven status -> Detailed analysis of specific indicators -> Track and respond to problem factors” steps
  • Deep Analysis
    – Relatively and in-depth analysis on dashboard screens for decision making (charts, grids, maps, etc.)

Screen Examples- Profit and Loss Analysis Using Simulation

  • Provides tools that are user-centric and intuitive UI
  • Easily extract data for analysis with a mouse click (Select SQL automatically)
  • Automatically set the various behaviors of a report with a mouse click (coding for action settings, removing script actions)
  • Speedy data analytics using Big Data analytics engine
  • Produce fast and attractive reports with templates
  • Create complex CRUD reports simply and quickly
  • Produce reports quickly using AUD (AUD) methodology of BI MATRIX
    * Advanced UI Development (AUD) Methodology: How to complete report development with UI design only
  • No-Plugin work environment is provided in compliance with HTML5 standards and supports various browsers.
  • Generating analysis reports using various data
  • Powerful, form-free reporting tools
  • Provide robust and systematic security and authority management consistent with the security policies of the customer
  • Provides systematic and Powerful security and authority management in conformity with Customer security policy
System configuration and specifications
Application field

Balance sheet/EVA analysis

CRM / Marketing Analysis

Cost/loss/ settlement analysis

Budget input/acquisition/simulation/analysis

Production/Manufacturing/Quality Analysis

Executive Information System (EIS)/KPI Analysis

Application report

GS(Good Sofrware) Grade1.

‘E-Government Standard Framework Compatibility’ certification